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Geotechnical and Geo-eEnvironmental engineering is one of IKRAM’s core services with cumulative track records of over five decades. The Geo technical Group are made up of specialists professional engineers & and geological scientists with in-depth theoretical and analytical knowledge of the properties and behaviours of soil and rocks which culminates in safe, effective, economic and sustainable geotechnical engineering consultancy and forensic solutions. The geotechnical consultancy outfit is ably supported by an extensive range of in-house geotechnical testing, instrumentation and monitoring capabilities.

IKRAM provides comprehensive and reliable geotechnical engineering services and solutions in the areas of:

Geo technical Forensic & Failure Investigation

Team mobilisation during disasters or emergencies in geotechnical and geological failures to recommend remedial actions and practical engineering solutions to minimise risk to lives and properties

Geo technical Engineering Consultancy & Supervision

Full spectrum of services for safe, cost-effective and sustainable engineering design and solutions

Full or part-time construction supervision to ensure compliance with specifications through all stages of construction

Landslide Hazard & Risk Mapping

Geological & Geomorphological Mapping: Utilising LiDAR technology to survey large areas and GIS application softwares to produce maps for land use planning and slope development as well as maintenance management

Site 3D mappingMapping: using Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) technique

Geo technical Audit

Geo technical Audit Services: Provide geotechnical checker services and establish quality assurance assessment and control to create safe engineering and sustainable solutions for proposed development projects

Geotechnical Field & Laboratory Testing, Instrumentation & Monitoring

Geo technical Site Investigation: Pre-plan site data collection, implement site investigation and evaluate the site physical and engineering profile

Seismic & Geophysical Surveys: Spatial geophysical data collection and seismological study to map various soil and rock types and their attendant engineering properties

Instrumentation & Monitoring: Geotechnical instrumentation to monitor soil deformations, groundwater fluctuations and geotechnical-structural stresses, ensuring safe construction of buildings and infrastructure

Soil Laboratory Testing: Laboratory analysis to profile the composition and characteristics of soil and rocks

Miscellaneous Geotechnical Services and Geotechnical R&D Works

Geo-eEnvironmental Engineering: Services and solutions in environmental assessment, management and rehabilitation

Geotechnical Study & Research: Providing solutions to geotechnical and geological issues in techniques, planning, analyses and design through independent studies and research, either in-house or in collaboration with external partners

Routine Maintenance and Slope Inspection: Expert slope inspectors and automated slope failure early warning system to enhance slope maintenance programme

“Our competitive edge lies in our solid understanding of soils and rocks”