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Pavement, Highway and Transportation Engineering continues to be another one of IKRAM’s niche in infrastructure development and maintenance. Equipped with qualified and experienced personnel, the Pavement, Highway and Transportation Department offers integrated services encompassing the planning, design, construction and assessment stages of highway and transportation facilities.

Our services are broadly categorised into:

Pavement Forensic & Failure Investigation

Dedicated team with specialised equipment is ever ready to be mobilised to determine the causes of pavement failures through comprehensive data gathering and analysis before any effective solutions to mitigate the problem can be proposed

Pavement, Highway & Transportation Engineering Consultancy & Supervision

Adopting systematic approach in data gathering and understanding of the nature of the problems, we satisfy our clients in their needs for Highway & Transportation Engineering Consultancy services which include:

Pavement, Highway Geometry & Traffic Engineering Design: Providing engineering solutions employing advanced technologies and implementation strategies

Public Transport Planning: Contributing solutions on public transport accessibility and service planning to meet the current and future demands

Road Safety Studies: Research and review of international practices to introduce road management schemes that enhance road safety

Traffic Simulation Modelling: Development of traffic simulation model that replicates current traffic flow which allows for future forecasting

Feasibility Study & Travel Demand Forecasting: Accurate forecasting of the travel demands on new and current road projects to determine the cost benefits to road users

Traffic Impact Assessment: Entailing assessment of the expected impact from the traffic generated by the proposed development to the road network and identifying solutions to mitigate any adverse impact

Well exposed to the works standard & specifications, industry best practices and clients’ requirements, we assist in delivering quality product and complying with traffic safety regulations through our services in:

Construction supervision

Traffic control & management plan

Network and Project Level Pavement Assessment

Pavement Audit: Provide pavement audit services and quality assurance assessment and control to ensure compliance to the adopted standard and specifications

Pavement Field & Laboratory Testing, Instrumentation & Monitoring

Utilising state of the art technology and sophisticated machines, we carry out:

Destructive and non-destructive tests to determine pavement structural and functional integrity

High speed road condition survey using multi-laser profiler and high resolution digital imaging system

Manual/automated traffic count and axle load survey to determine traffic volume and loading

Material laboratory tests to determine the engineering properties, quality and suitability of paving materials

Other Services

We have also collaborated with JKR, REAM, universities and other industry players to undertake R&D works relating to Highway & Transportation Engineering. One of the results of these collaborations is the production of several manuals and guidelines, which include:

Specifications for Cold In-Place Recycling in Malaysia;

Manual on Cold In-Place Recycling; and

A Guide to the Structural Design of New Flexible Pavement.

“Connecting people and places with well-planned, top quality highways”